Exuberant Appliqué by Alethea Ballard-Sat, July 22

Article number: Exuberant Applique by Alethea Ballard #2
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Workshop - Saturday July 22nd  11am-5pm


Create a vibrant collage in this exciting class with Alethea Ballard.  Alethea creates story pictures by combining and collaging images found on fabric.  Inspired by the large imagery found on fabric, she cuts and fuses raw-edge pieces together to create a meaningful, cheerful, or silly story.  Alethea will bring samples of her work and discuss theme, layout and design for the collaged pieces she makes.  Special attention to color story, types of imagery and scale of motifs will be taken.  Alethea will discuss cutting and gluing/fusing methods and show her quilted appliqué technique. Students will be encouraged to create a unique and personal piece using fabric.

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