Class - Queen For A Day (Crown) by Sondra Von Burg

Article number: Class - Queen For A Day (Crown) by Sondra Von Burg
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Workshop - December 16th, Saturday (12-4)

“Queen for a Day” Make a personalized Tiara or Crown.


Wear it every day or just when you need to remind others of who you REALLY are! Master crafter Sondra Von Burg has been working for some time now making crowns for discerning royalty, and she’s ready to share her skills and ideas with you. Students will learn many ways to attach just about anything to a crown's frame work, adding sparkle, and putting the perfect finish on it. This is a great place to use that precious object you’ve been holding onto for just the right use. Skills taught: Basic wire work, basic wire wrapping, wire beading, working with wire jewelry tools.

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