Class - Marching Ladies by Fern Royce

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Workshop - Saturday, September 1st (11am-5pm)


Marching Ladies By Fern Royce Inspired by the Women’s March on January, 21, 2017, I came home and started creating my Marching Ladies - part church ladies, part civil rights marchers moving into the 21st century, many wearing their signifying Pussy Hat. My figures in Marching Ladies are based on the Garden Girl pattern found in Garden Club Quilts by Connie Tesene, Mary Etherington of Country Threads, Inc. and the Garden Party Ladies by Freddy Moran found in Collaborative Quilting. I provide a template, you provide the fabric and creativity to make your own Marching Ladies. You can make all the figures the same or vary the shapes of the dresses, size of the arms, legs, or shoes…. Make a dozen and set them in rows or just make one or two blocks. Use the template as your jumping off point, adding your own ideas and embellishments.

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