Class - The Basics of Doll Making; Santa/Wizard By Sondra Von Burg

Article number: Class - The Basics of Doll Making; Santa/Wizard By Sondra Von Burg
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Workshop - Sunday, November 11th (12-5)


Santa or Wizard Doll Class Sondra Von Burg

Santa or Wizard? This original doll design by Sondra Von Burg is very adaptable.
In this one day class Sondra will guide students through the most intimidating part of doll making; the head and 5 fingered hands. Other parts will be demonstrated and discussed so that students can finish ay home with confidence. All levels welcome, must bring your own sewing machine.

Supply list: (for class)

Your own sewing machine and foot pedal/plug/all attachments Open toed presser foot
#70/10 machine needles
1/4 yard of cotton for skin

tread to match color
Fiberfill polyester stuffing
Hemostat or stuffing tool
mechanical pencil
Frey CheckTM
Sondra will bring her paints, brushes, pencils and doll specific tools to share during class.
Some doll specific tools are available for sale at end of class.
Included with class fee: Pattern, chenille stems, JohnJames long Darner #7, sculpting thread

(the rest of the doll):

1/2 yard body fabric
1/2 yard cloak fabric
3 yds trim (Fake fur can be used)
10x10” scrap of leather or fake leather for shoes
2 buttons, 1 1/4” diameter
7” doll needle
Aileen’s Tacky GlueTM
waxed linen thread or waxed dental floss (unflavored)
white hair, yarn, wool locks, or fake fur. (Sondra will have her lamb’s wool available for sale)

Embellishments and props:

Santas need a bag of toys: ornaments are the perfect size. Raid your collection or buy new. Small trees, wreaths, horn of plenty or basket of fruit.
Wizards need charms, more trim, a staff, or a wand. This is a great place to use that one earring that you can’t trow away, other odd little treasures you've collected, beads.

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