Class - The Basics of Doll Making; Elf by Sondra Von Burg

Article number: Class - The Basics of Doll Making; Elf by Sondra Von Burg
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Workshop - Saturday, January 26th (12-4)

Little Elf doll class with SVB

Description: The Little Elf is one of Sondra’s most versatile original patterns. This whimsical little figure stands 16” high and can be made into a boy or a girl. Sondra includes a ton of costuming ideas in the pattern for a variety of decorative options. From Cupids and leprechauns to gnomes and Easter egg guardians the possibilities are endless. Bring your sewing machine, a little fabric, and your imagination for a day of fun and fantasy. The one day class will cover the expressive face and the 5-fingered hand, the most intimidating part of doll making! Sondra will also discuss hair and costume options. Class includes the complete pattern and use of Sondra’s doll making tools. Beginning doll makers are welcome as long as they have machine sewing knowledge and their own machine.

Supply list: Your sewing machine. (Don’t forget the foot pedal and plug!) *An open toed presser foot is very helpful. (*This is a “U” shaped or see-thru foot that allows you to see where the needle is sewing.) #70/10 machine needles 1/4 yard cotton skin toned fabric - Kona cotton or batik is Sondra’s choice Polyester thread to match skin color

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