Class - Liberated Medallion - by Fern Royce

Article number: Class - Liberated Medallion - by Fern Royce
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Workshop - Saturday, December 1st (12-4)


Medallion Quilts The only rule for how to make a Medallion quilt is that it starts in the center with a pieced block or interesting fabric and then multiple borders are added. You can begin with a square or a rectangle. The quilt is done when it is the size you want or you get tired of going around and around. It’s even easier when done in a liberated style as there is no math involved. If the border is too big, cut some off. Too short? Add on. Decisions are made as you go. The design can be intricate or very simple. Medallion quilts are the perfect style to stretch your design wings. Try it, you’ll like it.

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