Class - Liberated Techniques - Marching Ladies - by Fern Royce

Article number: Class - Liberated Techniques - Marching Ladies by Fern Royce
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Workshop - Saturday, March 2nd (12-4)


Marching Ladies Supply List

I supply a template for the Ladies. The template gives you a guideline or jumping off point for creating your own version of the Marching Ladies.

Class Supplies:

Fabric: Background – minimum 1 yard. Ladies: An assortment of fat quarters works well for the Ladies dresses. Bring a variety of prints: large and small scale, floral, geometric, stripes, dots, etc. You can use an assortment of scraps for the ladies’ faces, hands and legs and shoes. I used bits of silk, stabilized with a very light, woven interface for my ladies’ shoes and hats. Narrow stripes make lovely “stockings” or socks. Bring bits of lace, tiny buttons or beads and embroidery floss for embellishing the ladies.

Sewing machine in good working order - including foot pedal, cord and sewing manual. Basic sewing supplies: thread, pins, scissors, seam ripper, etc.
Mat, ruler and rotary cutter (including a new blade and an extra).
A design board or cloth so you can take your project or pieces home intact.

***Please mark all your supplies with your name or some identifying mark.

If you have questions please feel free to call or email me: (510) 289-3516

If you are unfamiliar with my work or for inspiration, you can check out my website: or IG fern_royce

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