Class - Foundation Piecing / Silk & Salvage #1 - By Sue Fox & Julia McLeod

Article number: Class - Foundation Piecing / Silk & Salvage #1 - By Sue Fox & Julia McLeod
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Foundation Piecing with Silk and Salvage

Workshop - Saturday, March 9th (1:30-4:30)

Do you have a stash of Grandpa's ties? Leftovers from making silk garments? Old silk scarves? Join us as we demonstrate a great way to tame silk's challenging qualities and guide you in your project of choice. Make new quilts (or pillow tops) from rescued materials– Sue Fox and Julia McLeod will share a successful technique for working with silk or other challenging fabrics. 

Foundation piecing adds stability to your silk fabrics, results in accurate piecing, and locks in those fraying edges. Bay Quilts sells gorgeous bundles of Dupioni silks. Use these as a starting point or add them to the stash of fabrics you already have. This technique is do-able at all skill levels.  Let us help you create beautiful silk projects!

Class Supply List:

• Your silk or salvaged fabrics - bring what you have: Neckties, furnishing silks, dress-maker's scraps, any interesting treasures.
• Sewing machine, pedal and power cord
• Thread and bobbins
• Iron and portable ironing surface
• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
• Scissors, seam ripper, pen and paper 
• Benartex "Foundation By the Yard" panels, available from Bay Quilts.  ("Flying Geese" panel for March; “Kaleidoscope" panel for April;  "New York Beauty" panel for May)

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