Bay Quilts Gallery

Artist Line Up For 2018


Jan 5 - 30 :  "Modernitional" by Tish Chung.  

                      Reception Sunday,  Jan 7th (1-4pm)


Feb 2 - 27:   "Beloved Remnants" by Angie Woolman 

                      Reception Sunday, Feb 4th (1-4pm)


Mar 2 - 27:  "Lions and Tigers and Bridges, Oh My!" by Nancy Bardach 

                     Reception Sunday,  Mar 4th (1-4pm)


Mar 30 - May 1:  "Now Is The Time: Reap As You Sew" by Chris Boersma Smith  

                            Reception Sunday, Apr 8th (1-4pm)


May 4 - 29: "Out of the Box" by FiberArts 3030

                    Reception Sunday, May 6th (1-4pm)


Jun 1 - 26:  "Speak Beauty to Power" by Karen Balos

                     Reception Sunday, June 3rd (1-4pm)


Jun 29 - Jul 31:  "Painting With My Scissors" by Denise Oyama Miller  

                             Reception  Sunday, Jul 8th (1-4pm)


Aug 3 - 28:  "The Color Dance of La Passacaglia"  A group show curated by Janice Simmons  

                     Reception Sunday, Aug 5th (1-4pm)


Sep 3 - Oct 2:  "What If?" by Ann Rhode.

                         Reception Sunday, Sep 2nd (1-4pm)


Oct 5 - 30:  "Hard-Earned Uncertainty" by Sue Friedland

                     Reception Sunday, Oct 7th (1-4pm)


Nov 2 - 27:  "Pushing The Right Brain" by Gail Sims 

                    Reception Sunday, Nov 4th (1-4pm)


Dec 2 - 31:   A Retrospective of Workshops curated by Fern Royce  

                     Reception Sunday, Dec 2nd  (1-4pm)